Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Throw it Away?

There is a saying IN the Eastern Philosophies that goes, "If you see the buddha, kill him."  Now, of course this is not a literal thing for some whack job to get ahold of, but rather the risk of idoltry, or as they call it "attatchment. It is with this in mind that I feel there comes a point where one must trash their bible, and go it alone with the divine. To see their rescue in the weak and exploited in the world. To let nature speak the glory of God as the Pasalmist stated.  A respnse to the nice little video over at Recycle your faith:

I definitely relate to what Jack’s saying. Read other hard literature. Some Bkgrnd for me, in case it will help others, ya know, ” that comfort others as you’ve been comforted” stuff in 2 CO. I tend to think it’s what the Prophet Jerry (Jeremiah) Said. “There will come a time.. when it will be written on their hearts and minds” This I believe is the promise, and the subtle seed nestled within the vision given to the Hebrew nomadic tribes across their history, that is fulfilled with those who will believe and trust. Issue is we live in a polarized western society. we want to compartmentalize and this doesn’t work for understanding middle eastern culture or literature. SO we ask why did the Divine choose to speak through THIS culture. Fastforward: I starting reading the bible in high school, and it was boring archaic but thought i was supposed to read it to be a “good” person. Then I lived a little, and really wanted it to make sense, so I opened up to possible deeper interpretations. I got confused by the many seeming logical conclusions of different schools of thought. I went deeper into the base languages of the texts.. and gleened more. I’m happy to say that I feel i’ve finally graduated from the bible… I don’t care about the inconsistencies, I don’t have to regard it as inerrant or authorative. I relish as part of my own history. There is a spirit that keeps bringing back certain parts as I focus on the main adventure of living life.. I eschew the mental posturing and mutual masterbatory techniques of theologians and so-called biblical scholars.. my authority is a relationship with the divine, that has not just a distinct flavour but a personality. It is the Loving nature of the divine that i find eerily and mysteriously resonating in the charachter of Christ I first felt at 13 when reading the New Testament, and now still with me at 43.. That person is authorative, but I see as is mentioned in the Psalms, “nature declares the glory of God.” Not so much the bible or followers.. The relationship comforts, upsets, challenges, and is transcendant.. but I feel may be like in the movie the Messenger, where Joan of Arc sees she was following more her own delusions than the Divine.. in the end.. that’s the risk.. and it’s that risk that I tend to think people are trying to alleviate with making the Bible so constitutional.. Man I wish it were as easy as I first thought, trust the bible and the church, and God will bless.. But it’s more complicated.. or maybe simpler .. than that..