Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hand, No Body

Hand, No Body

I just got finished reading Tickle's Great Emergence and was greatly dissappointed. To watch this gal on YouTube you'd think that southern style of story tellin would really be inviting.. instead it reads as a chronicler of a movement, and then feeling more like a smattering across history than anything else

Which brings me to the point. If you look at what tries to explain itself as social justice and then the excessive  attention to detail and ritualism in churchianity you find yourself at odds with the spirit of what the whole Messiah Movement originated.  Basically the passion, the zeal, the rawness, and the sense of wonder. Now, some would call this mysticism or something close to it, but that's not fair to discard it with one sweeping judgement.  If you look at Biddhism and Sidhartha the almost same pbenomenon occurs, like where did the simple message get lost of learning about temperance and community.

 The overarching purpose of heartfelt and community engendering needs to be felt, and this can be often as some kind of 'kingdom" or Higher Realm, are we just to feel the hand and not know the body?

I've spent the last ten years outside the four walls of conventional churchianity looking in at the glass stained windows instead of out. With a new relationship I'm finding though that the Stated God variable is a good thing, at least for me.  I still believe that those who love are of God. But to not admit the Spirit and that the nature and character of that Spirit is what we find in Yeshua... that this is the origin and apex of all parentage.. something is genuinely lost. 

So the quandry becomes how to integrate what has largely become a new age kind of christianity with what a larger context can understand.  As the Joker said "wait until they get a load of Me." 

Nevertheless to realize and affirm our connection to a larger organism of continuity that could be called the church and it's body may not be an entirely bad thing for me or them.  Though the ballpark of the Emergent Dialogue still seems to make the most sense. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Musings on the Messiah Complex of Dr. Who and Jesus Comparitively

Since I was 7 years old living in London, studying World Religions in public School, I've been fascinated with the Messiah Complexes, even now at 44 after reading tons of mythologies, poring over obscure tests, social psychology case studies and papers, I find it too easily to get absorbed on the very human need to control or give over control to another personality.

Now I could go into the charachter "Q" from Star Trek's NG from the 80's & 90's movies, or even the movie Dune, but it is the British storyline of a certain time traveling Doctor that most resonates with my own spirituality.  You see after all this "research" and even quite a few brushes with religious zealotry myself I've found myself believing in a very human messiah after all. Using a recent article on, "How Doctor Who Became My Religion" as my baseline, I will attempt to explain.

"The galaxy it seems is filled with no shortage of pricks who want to devour our souls, our faith, and even our faces"   And so that there must be a transcendant quality to one's own spirituality, because the "evils," stress, and flaws of our world, demand that we cannot possibly hold it all in, even if we all become blurred in some relativistic nirvana mind or something.

He continues later in the article, "In "Journey's End" the Doctor tells Rose that she made him a better person, and when Rose leaves, another human (Donna) tells the Doctor he needs someone to keep him balanced and in check.Perhaps, more telling, when the Doctor (Tennant) begins traveling alone in his final few episodes, his behavior becomes erratic, even conceited, as he tries to alter the time-space continuum to satisfy his vanity as much as to save human life."

SImilarly it has been the flaws, inconsisitencies, and downright human failings i've seen not only in the human charachters of religious texts, but the Divine as well... kinda like there has been an evolution not only in our conception of the divine, but also of the personality itself.  Now this may not bode well with standard linear christians, but let me assure you, it would have been more than fine with the much smarter and inclusive chrisitians of the first few centuries, before it became a suffocating religious system again like the Judiaism it grew out of.

"People sing songs about having a friend in Jesus, but this is a friendship that's much easier to understand. And not just because the Doctor is flesh and blood. He's a savior who loves us and needs us like the best of friends do. That he can bend time and space to save all of Earth from a Sycorax invasion is just gravy."  It is just this humanity but also mystical aspects within my own faith with and of Jesus that I've seen in more recent years, and calls to a more relatable understanding, like what did he do with sexuality, something that has mystified humanity in any culture or time. Even St. Paul stated he was mystified in "the way of a man with a woman" in one letter.  It is quite funny that the Doctor has never had relations with any of his companions or creatures he meets. Even funnier when in one of the more recent story archs it was thought he might be the Father of Amy's unborn Babe, only to find out it was his living time travel ship interacting with the union of her with her husband.

"What makes the Doctor so special is that for all his success, he often fails. People do die on Doctor Who. Civilizations are lost. Characters are made to suffer despite the Doctor's best intentions."   In translating and reading some of the earliest church documents as well as more modern writers like Jack Miles and Brian McClaren I have come to realize that something happened with Jesus that WAS very unique and special, much like the individuation that didn't actually surprise God that happened in Eden, as Miles puts it, God was apologizing, and truly saying They (Elohim) Understand, in Jesus.  It is this frailty and almost fallability that now makes my faith and spirituality that much more real, authentic and trustworthy.

I came to see that in truly giving Humanity rights/autonomy They (Elohim) had to have limited their own, and that in effect tied their hands.   St.Pauls words about evil being subsumed by over arching benevolence seem a bit trite here, but nonetheless true.  In the articles words:

"The show makes us realize that even with a semi-immortal Time Lord on your side you can lose. That we are struck by tragedy does not mean that there is no sense or purpose to life. It doesn't mean we are alone."   Anyone remember when somebody in the crowd shouted out safe thyself in the biblical story of Jesus?

"But what I find most engaging are the times I don't fully understand why the Doctor could not do more. So many times it seems the Doctor's hands are tied by scientific constructs I don't pretend to understand. And although it might be unsettling to believe in a god that has limits to his abilities, it's also reassuring that bad things can happen despite the best wishes and efforts of a higher power."  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Finishing up, not wanting to get into cleaning up the mess that we have become and churcianity is now, (not too much unlike Judiaism when Jesus hit the scene though, if that gives any hope).  Just ponder the last very profound words of the article:

"Imagine, for a moment that there is a real God. How many of His storylines have we not been exposed to? That god must have been broadcasting on channels we don't get for millennia. It would take a lifetime longer than the Doctor's to fully understand such a god.

Doctor Who teaches me I just don't know everything. Horrible events can occur for reasons explained in lost episodes or laws of physics too dense for my blogger's mind and that doesn't mean we are lost or unloved. There is the possibility of a god who roots for us, loves us, and grieves for us just like the Doctor. And a god who has saved us so many times and in so many ways we've never known.

And as far as I can tell, on a very basic and unspoken level, that is what hits me so hard about the show. Also, I really like the theme song.

Read more: How Doctor Who Became My Religion |"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dying to the Fat-her and finding Dad

Was just reading a fellow wanderer with the Dude.. and she was musing on the difference between Father and Dad..  This being the first year in not being with my kids on Fathers day did get me to thinkin (and that could be trouble).

My fellow blogger calls many things Sacred Shite.. as would I.. she muses on patriarchial tendancies of culture and feminist agendas.. an odd time to be a Dad indeed this.. yes, with absentee, caretaker, steps.. and many other types.. the gender fules are fusing, synthesizing.. into just what..  that's for time to tell..  With so many divorces and many adapting to the new milenium where things are much more integrated with these things.. gone is the day where we actually are shocked at divorce and seperation.. much like ancient tribes we are finding new identities and touchstones.. new ways to express and feel our joys, pains, and connections..

Though my own experience of having a father was not positive to say the least.. there was no revelry nor highlights.. only dark spots.. and mysteries.. surrounded in a shroud of human fallability.. that's what I see at least looking back..

Are theres a tinge of remorse, regret, anger, and bitterness.. maybe.. but I really feel that there has been a kind of reprieve in my own becoming a Dad.. and I can only hope that others who have had similiar experiences as I will find at the very least that..

I do know that we need to at least try to work through our issues and scars..

to make the manure into something to grow something better, hopefully much better..

We may have to put on hold our ideals.. be a bit cathartic at times.. but we can relate.. we can attempt to support, comfort, and be there.. be more, be better.. and then in the exchange find something for ourselves too..

Though my parents seperated before I can remember..  at about 2 years old.. and My step dad who came in at about 3.. I stopped relating to as any kind of Father at 5.. and so no longer called as such.. I feel a strange echo in the Jewish and Christian scriptures that talk of a Divine Dad coming into the picture..   The working out of that relation has stayed with me many years now..  Though there are some very interesting things with the very real exchange I feel I've had with this distinct personality.. I'm not sure I would be ready to call Him Father..  although that might be just how I see things..

Dad, might just fit though.. cause well.. as i've found being one.. it's a continuing process .. an evolving relationship with not only my children but myself and the world at large.. and their interaction too.. and what they find..   it involves a fallability.. something I see in the figure that walked and stumbled to an unearned "crucifiction"  ..  to appearances it seems that the Dude, the Divine.. doesn't really care all that much for the Perceptual piece or program that many organizations do..  But we dad's do find ourselves continually feeling like we have to give in.. if we care..

as we translate our humanity, or rather extend it.. we find that relation.. we see connection.. and we laugh, cry, and fall asleep... So I guess a Dad's travail is that of what the whole of life is striving after.. meaning, pleasure, contentment.. some call that success.. some call other things it..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mein Own Private Idaho - the holy F%#$

"Charge" ~  watercolour by C.R.Kempster

I was just reading an article this morning on HuffPost about Virginia being a place of a "Second Civil War," and how the O administration was trying to keep the political landscape the same as when O first got office..or how "How da WhiteHouse got game, and became the Prezidential Crib."   But don't look for the return of Whose Crib is it anyway, though I'm still boggled over how many shoes Maria Carey has ..

aannnyyywhooo.. As always my mind reels in that this can't seriously be a point of contemplation, well unless you'r a 2nd year Political science major.. guess somebody's gotta keep em happy.   This got me to thinking about our own political landscapes, issues of control and well, where's our bloody narrative in all this.. not to be sacriligious about certain rituals of transubstination or anything (it's a new rail line the administration is trying to get 5 billion for.. just work with that might be better if you're not prone to theological dialogue or discourse.. though I am still working out my audience here..)


~ a far cry from ordinary thinking possibly

what narrative do we really participate in, is it really ours, how much is it someone elses.   It's great to talk of God's dream, even better possibly bringing it down to God's desire, but there's this thing called REALM>. it's where god's narrative is. The Aramaic word Malkutah gives us a big clue, even more than Shemaya.  Though the two words can be synonomous their piss poor translation into kingdom and heaven say nothing to relating anything really of the expanded mind and heart one needs to "read" them.

busy and barren part deux.

 I was told the other day that here is a place in the middle of the chest cavity that we feel that "nudge." it's the place where we put our hands when we motion to our heart, but it's more center than where the corporeal is. That place is actually an empty space. It's that way for a reason. Much like the importance of meditation, contemplation, detatchement, we need a place to fill. Too often humanity has lifted their celestial shopping list to the skies or treid to appease the genie god to wish fulfill all their wiledest fantasies, even when they try to cover them with a veneer of altruism.
nethqadash - preparing a place for the sacred.
teytey malkutah - Realm Come
a simple text, two words in the Aramaic - the language of the middle east for many hundreds of years.

~ What I attempt here is a contemplative practice on the expanded meaning and feel of the words, ancient mystics did it, Sufi's, Hebrew Shaman's called it Tawil.. It's imagining the scope of the words and all their permutations and hues and translating them into current word forms.. more of an artistic process than a straight exogesis or word for word. This is better because Eastern language is not so polarized and easily compartmentalized as to meaning

Asking, questioning, Form your control of Unity now please
through our passionate hearts and receptive hands and feet
clearing spaces for your counsel and desire to manifest in our lives
attempting to align our intentions with yours, or at the very least to be open to your adaptation
Unite your I can into ours, as we release our rigidity into you*
we recognize your intimate penetration into our creatureness*
to have movement into your royalty oh divine parent*
our desires unripe are in need of your maturing hand, wind, heart
to express we have need to see your care and concern for well being
as we demonstrate coourage and compassion on ourselves we affirm
the conduit and vehicle we become in your atmosphere
keep on assisting in our gaze to see your environment
this is more of a focus for us, than reminder for you of course
we are not so much rescued as continually a part of the grand rescue attempt
succes then is immaterial to the degree that the river of life, love, being, torrents or gently cascades through mind, body, situation and event
the marriage chamber transcends in this way the sacred sheets of intercourse and becomes the holy fuck*

(oh boy am i gnostic now ~ save me Valentinus)

strength and beauty orgasm into our serene and comfortable ease of disposition
Unity is dispersed and gathered, breathed in and out

(are we reminded of Teresa of Avila)

*{note:  we have become too comfortable in our understanding and exogesis (method of interp) We must as the gspoel of thomas writer puts," be first disturbed," so we can work through and can be beckoned to wonder after.  in the aformentioned text there is felt a shock like we are talking in a way that our 21st century has not been allowed to soberly walk when looking within spirituality and sacred. But it is this gnostic way that makes us get past ourselves and our petty morality to expand, not in an induglent or reckless manner and intention, but rather to realize the interweavings we must open ouselves to.  Even if you haven't gotten past the first "lesson" of more gnostic texts that the gospel of John was meant to teach, that of the non-literal, and drinking in, you have to admit the essence of scripture and nobler pursuit is that which resounds in the higher senses.   That we have been psychologically penetrated and do so almost incestuously begins to understand beyond the normal boundries of decency and grasp a higher truth, not in the literal but in a much higher degree, as we may know and be known within the parent-child relationship. It is a tradgedy that so much parenting goes on in a feeble possession manner, and so must drift into a shallow shell as life goes on. Especially given that much as the marriage bond, the familial images or intents in mirroring a much more divine thing. )
 ~ Coming back to Empty

So the empty space, the dull, boring, seemingly inane scattered leaves of babblings, drama, words,reactions, confusions, and stresses is actually the garage and work bench for a much better thing. When we think of come here, especially in the Aramaic TeyTey, the images include a mutual desire, like come hither in one of those cheesy romances. It is the seductive element, the allure though, the questioning, that makes something else possible.  Skepticism much like reflection is not bad or unripe by themselves, just when they are allowed to fester without proper light, air, and water. Basically nutiritional elements.

TeyTey goes further, it is the allure but also the defining of a goal, the laying down of the process towards fulfillment.  We can see this in the mystery and magic of actual seduction. Some have made an art of it, and others revel in the magic, but it is much more than the erotic machine.

It has been said that the ancients used to be enamoured with the succession of ecstatic moments, the free flowing experience from one life orgasm to another.  Juxtapose this next to the suffering so many have to endure, physically, emotionally, psychologicially.  Where does the chasm begin, where is the precipice we have leapt from?

It's more than we have created a culture of entertainment and consumerism that veneers the reality beneath it, if there is anything there at all.  I would say that it also transcends our petty self revolvement and dedication to control we continually attempt to perpetuate in the name of security and success.  

Where the empty space meets the black hole of our disenfranchised and jaded starkness, is in that "too much," and "i've had enough" we too oft come to, but yet keep on going, get a local anesthtic or just collapse and then start over again.

This is the womb of our discontent we think, but actually is much more, for it is the launching pad of the divine, that's what i'm trying to say.

~ From Chasm to Erotic Machine

It's no joke we find ourselves in more than lean and surreal times at this place in history. Having departed and been outmoded not just within our own technology, but also in every choice of architecture, a heavy sigh is felt around not just the globe, but around the cosmos.

It's no mistake within our utopion ease mechanisms we feel a lack of substance, or at least something akin to the old nomads of the east, wandering in and out of caves. For some time now in my exits and entrances with the electronic landscape of the internet and social media there is a resonance with the underground catacombs of past civilizations.

The chasm may be in fact our crisis of perception, that what we see as slavery or opression, stress, or simply being screwed, is in fact something else altogether.

If you have ever dared to read the erotic tirades of the Marquis de Sade you may feel a simiiar sense of abandonment after your disgust. It's something beyond cathartic, like the end of something that wants you to go through to get beyond it.

This may seem to dismiss humanities evil as some actually have so passively, that they are swallowed up in the bigger victory in the end, or soemwhere down the road. If you are an Eastern I suppose you should venerate the past success more, much like well at one point we were at a garden called Eden, just in layers.

What does a judeo-christian creation myth have to do with chasm or even the erotic machine, besides they were naked, and what do you do with a snake in the bushes?

All myths suppose a lesson, and provide some sort of structure to how we apparently got to a place or condition. Besides the historical, environmentals, and physiological veracity there is an essence to the account.  It's funny how the creation myth has so many similiarities with other accounts, and even how different the Adam, Eve, and Snake story has been interpreted.

There was talk of a Fall, and now we are controlled by the tetering of another I guess. What if what we're lacking is not the abscence of a fall, impending or previous, but rather a Cycle or a Wheel.  

Early medicine actually spoke of the body and life more in this way, and there was a certain trust and ability to tackle obstacles better at least mentally and emotionally.  What if we combined these with our current terrain?

The Chasm is the disconnect that we are looking back even when we are looking forward, and looking forward even when we are looking back.  Is it any surprise really that we are so muddled.  Add to this that we feel we have to at least project an image that we know what we're doing and have a plan.
Here comes the erotic machine then to tear down constructs and have us reinvest in the creative fire of ourselves and others, which is an element and strand of the rays of the more divine, the spark and the source.

It becomes more of slight of hand trick and body language down to a practice of relating as we are and natural course.   Back to control, what are we in fact in control of? why do we think that? why should we? It's a matter of will power right?

The dominant mover and shaker wields his or her stick and makes it happen. The dynamic closer or speaker works the audience or client into a frenzy to "sign on the dotted line" for the investment or their next wonder. Is that us, with our toys, our accounts, children, employees, friends?

The Aramaic Tzevyanach can be translated will, like willpower or willfulness, but the word carries the meaning of what we call these days "second nature."  An animal knows what to do given a certain set of conditions or reactionary forces.  There are maternal instincts and athletic disciplines, yes things like the latter are more learnt, but the idea is more along the lines of apprentiship.  We seem to too often think things are a  matter of force, that's what we see with will.  What if though will is more part of a natural progression, and evolution given a certain course.  The course then becomes paramount, what is that place or path, and that is Realm.

The Realm of the Gods was also an idea that was much discussed and debated, forming Valhalla, even to our modern Olympics.  It was a utopian concept, something we say to our children when we want them to be their best.   But somewhere down the another road there was a turn off, where it was no longer about personal well being, ours and others, and living optimally, but something else.

Something else has always seemed to cower from the swamp to the base of our spine.  Where some may drug themselves into one andrenaline kick to the next, the kinetic energy must stop at some point, and so the ride is done, and what to do in that lull.  So others go onto creating drama or relying on the vicarious spectator experience, meet entertainment.  Little is really thought of any real idea of justice here, only what feels right and wrong.   A sensation based ethics of course is highly flawed and open to injection of whatever minds will concoct in the interum.

~ The Interum

Life of course is what happens within the linear construct of 0 to 90, not miles per hour, but the patterns, stability, and consistency felt and chronicled.  It's interesting to note the fascination with data mining in modern marketing strategy, like humanity is a collective akashic hard drive, and if we can only get the right code or sequencing we can figure it out by some calculation or formula.

We're not alone here either, it's been tried before, even if on a much more raw form and scale, and that may have been simpler.  Maybe we are trying to solve the riddle the Greeks and many other cultures like them postulated, or maybe even that was the wrong way about it.  In fact if you tracked the beauty and arrogancy of the humanistic movement you find many marvels and achievements that can't be denied. God, the gods, the universe or the divine has left so much within the pattern of nature to teach us and learn from, it seems though with it's own success we have also learnt to mimic it's unripeness.

It's this tendancy that I believe we must fight and requires something outside nature, other, to intercede.

What spirituality is daring to say is not that we can do it ourselves, for that could not really be defined such, unless you said human spirit, but even that is a pretty shallow description.  What spirituality contends is that it takes other. The beginnings may be in just other people, but to be truly transcendant it must look beyond the organic patterns and see the source code, the original spirit.

 It has not come to say that we are not gods, but merely that we are not the noblest ones. We are demi-gods, in control and having will and desire but having fundamental unripeness.  That is where we need to define and descripe Unity, not just as a force, but as a charachter set.

 It is that personality as we call it that we look for in humanity and nature, and yearn for even nobler things in our artistic vision.

It's interesting that in Hebrew the word Shem, is not name as much as it is sound, vibration, energy, atmosphere, this character set.  The word we translate as heaven is Shemaya, literally name extended. But what is this name, is it a label, a logo, or a brand.  WHat is our name, image, what are we about? Are we our job, our role as a parent, lover, friend. Can we define ourselves by the hats we wear?  Can heaven be described by our aspirations, dreams, or ethics?

The Second civil war just maybe one that is fought on the meditative field, where we contemplate and reflect within the empty space called heart to be filled or at least flowed through to beenefit ourselves and others to our contentment and pleasure. But what of that ecstatic succession?

Nethqadash TeyTey Malkutah Semaya

Prepare a place for the Sacred, Come Realm of Heaven

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Throw it Away?

There is a saying IN the Eastern Philosophies that goes, "If you see the buddha, kill him."  Now, of course this is not a literal thing for some whack job to get ahold of, but rather the risk of idoltry, or as they call it "attatchment. It is with this in mind that I feel there comes a point where one must trash their bible, and go it alone with the divine. To see their rescue in the weak and exploited in the world. To let nature speak the glory of God as the Pasalmist stated.  A respnse to the nice little video over at Recycle your faith:

I definitely relate to what Jack’s saying. Read other hard literature. Some Bkgrnd for me, in case it will help others, ya know, ” that comfort others as you’ve been comforted” stuff in 2 CO. I tend to think it’s what the Prophet Jerry (Jeremiah) Said. “There will come a time.. when it will be written on their hearts and minds” This I believe is the promise, and the subtle seed nestled within the vision given to the Hebrew nomadic tribes across their history, that is fulfilled with those who will believe and trust. Issue is we live in a polarized western society. we want to compartmentalize and this doesn’t work for understanding middle eastern culture or literature. SO we ask why did the Divine choose to speak through THIS culture. Fastforward: I starting reading the bible in high school, and it was boring archaic but thought i was supposed to read it to be a “good” person. Then I lived a little, and really wanted it to make sense, so I opened up to possible deeper interpretations. I got confused by the many seeming logical conclusions of different schools of thought. I went deeper into the base languages of the texts.. and gleened more. I’m happy to say that I feel i’ve finally graduated from the bible… I don’t care about the inconsistencies, I don’t have to regard it as inerrant or authorative. I relish as part of my own history. There is a spirit that keeps bringing back certain parts as I focus on the main adventure of living life.. I eschew the mental posturing and mutual masterbatory techniques of theologians and so-called biblical scholars.. my authority is a relationship with the divine, that has not just a distinct flavour but a personality. It is the Loving nature of the divine that i find eerily and mysteriously resonating in the charachter of Christ I first felt at 13 when reading the New Testament, and now still with me at 43.. That person is authorative, but I see as is mentioned in the Psalms, “nature declares the glory of God.” Not so much the bible or followers.. The relationship comforts, upsets, challenges, and is transcendant.. but I feel may be like in the movie the Messenger, where Joan of Arc sees she was following more her own delusions than the Divine.. in the end.. that’s the risk.. and it’s that risk that I tend to think people are trying to alleviate with making the Bible so constitutional.. Man I wish it were as easy as I first thought, trust the bible and the church, and God will bless.. But it’s more complicated.. or maybe simpler .. than that..

Friday, December 31, 2010

Electronic Catcombs?

"3 strands"  ~ watercoloour by me

Since Entering the Electronic Age, humanity has become closer knit and strangely more alienated. Whatever you believe about it I assure you though is largely irrelevant. Much like trains, cars, libraries, and sewage, this strange ethereal reality of electronica is our scaffold at this time in history.

Resistance may be futile, but due consideration is definately paramount. Meaning before the novelty wears off, or we realize this is not a demonic manifestation, it's importance as a tool must be seen.

Much like the plow-share, pipes, engines, and Dewey system, the computerized environment must be utilized.  We must make it our slave and not be a slave to it.

Just as the world became more mechanized just a few centuries ago, the machine is now electronic, so it's gears and cogs have evolved. The new machinery is not JUST the physical components though, they are largely "virtual" as well.  A better comparison might be the human brain, which after many years we still have much to learn about.

Given this environment we must allow for a certain learning curve and margin of error.

That being said, in our new global economy it seems that it is the countries, companies, groups, and individuals that have trimmed off the fat and can run with agility that will survive and make profits.

So the key is adaptability in the Technological Evolution.  This disposition not merely attitude and selective choosing, tends to favor youth and smallness, rather than the larger and older institutions. However, when these larger groups take the plunge and risk, they see results, and they are relieved or put back on top, faster and more sustainably than they were before.

One of the primary forms of this phase of growth in our economies is the change from teaching to training. A teacher passes on information, a trainer applies it.  So the next element is that of providing an interactive atmosphere for your goods and service. This is where those holding off to see where technology will go, are becoming Amish like at an alarming rate.

Now if they don't mind their dwindling profits or can afford the hit, fine. Most just simply can't, so they must start the process of education and doing their homework for coming into the new age and so meeting what has become the new requirements to doing effective business in it.

There are many examples of course of companies and individuals that have recieved a huge boon from just simply carving out their niche in this continuingly evolving landscape.  Many companies have seen how inexpensive internt advertising is on facebook or even just Meta tagging on a local community web site. This medium is where the "foot traffic" is these days, though traditional mediums do now have a certain novelty aspect and physicallity to them if they are chosen carefully and well done.

The largest group so far that has benefitted from the Electronic Age would have to be social causes, and that is where everybody should jump on board. Through Twitter, Facebook, and the host of other social media we are making strides for rights and assistance like no other time before.  The recent example of where a cable comedian was able to effect the vote for the 9/11 responders should effect a clarion call to any last doubters of how the world truly does business these days, and things really get done.

1: The Mirror ~ SignPost

In ancient days it's like they broke things down more to more reasonable parts. They had jobs, gods, and the old ways. But something got lost, their jobs became tyranical, as did their gods. The old ways become moldy and stale, and no longer retained life for the individual or extended out.

So we come to now. We have many forms of entertainment, many forms of pleasure, peace, and pursuit. Our modern struggle seems to be between the machine and the organism. Too oft the latter wins and so the humanity is lost in the drive for numbers and supposed efficiency.

We have been called disfunctional, and lost heart and soul. We have felt it, for maybe a very long time. Entrenched we seem unable to get the most from what pleasures we do see and try to enjoy as we go along more.

It's not enough to say we need to embrace our limitations and boundries.

We are at the place of Praxis, a turning or tipping point, or we will soon be. We know we must change our minds about some things, or maybe denial has really settled in.

I sense that there is only egotists and the exploited at times, and so many of us are just rockin back on forth on their ship.

This struggle for humity drives a inevitable singularity that is around the corner, or at least a further polarization. As art projects our hopes and fears, a terminator could be just around the corner. Humanity has reached some sort of apex, but at what cost, and some have wondered have we been here before?