Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hand, No Body

Hand, No Body

I just got finished reading Tickle's Great Emergence and was greatly dissappointed. To watch this gal on YouTube you'd think that southern style of story tellin would really be inviting.. instead it reads as a chronicler of a movement, and then feeling more like a smattering across history than anything else

Which brings me to the point. If you look at what tries to explain itself as social justice and then the excessive  attention to detail and ritualism in churchianity you find yourself at odds with the spirit of what the whole Messiah Movement originated.  Basically the passion, the zeal, the rawness, and the sense of wonder. Now, some would call this mysticism or something close to it, but that's not fair to discard it with one sweeping judgement.  If you look at Biddhism and Sidhartha the almost same pbenomenon occurs, like where did the simple message get lost of learning about temperance and community.

 The overarching purpose of heartfelt and community engendering needs to be felt, and this can be often as some kind of 'kingdom" or Higher Realm, are we just to feel the hand and not know the body?

I've spent the last ten years outside the four walls of conventional churchianity looking in at the glass stained windows instead of out. With a new relationship I'm finding though that the Stated God variable is a good thing, at least for me.  I still believe that those who love are of God. But to not admit the Spirit and that the nature and character of that Spirit is what we find in Yeshua... that this is the origin and apex of all parentage.. something is genuinely lost. 

So the quandry becomes how to integrate what has largely become a new age kind of christianity with what a larger context can understand.  As the Joker said "wait until they get a load of Me." 

Nevertheless to realize and affirm our connection to a larger organism of continuity that could be called the church and it's body may not be an entirely bad thing for me or them.  Though the ballpark of the Emergent Dialogue still seems to make the most sense. 

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