Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mein Own Private Idaho - the holy F%#$

"Charge" ~  watercolour by C.R.Kempster

I was just reading an article this morning on HuffPost about Virginia being a place of a "Second Civil War," and how the O administration was trying to keep the political landscape the same as when O first got office..or how "How da WhiteHouse got game, and became the Prezidential Crib."   But don't look for the return of Whose Crib is it anyway, though I'm still boggled over how many shoes Maria Carey has ..

aannnyyywhooo.. As always my mind reels in that this can't seriously be a point of contemplation, well unless you'r a 2nd year Political science major.. guess somebody's gotta keep em happy.   This got me to thinking about our own political landscapes, issues of control and well, where's our bloody narrative in all this.. not to be sacriligious about certain rituals of transubstination or anything (it's a new rail line the administration is trying to get 5 billion for.. just work with that might be better if you're not prone to theological dialogue or discourse.. though I am still working out my audience here..)


~ a far cry from ordinary thinking possibly

what narrative do we really participate in, is it really ours, how much is it someone elses.   It's great to talk of God's dream, even better possibly bringing it down to God's desire, but there's this thing called REALM>. it's where god's narrative is. The Aramaic word Malkutah gives us a big clue, even more than Shemaya.  Though the two words can be synonomous their piss poor translation into kingdom and heaven say nothing to relating anything really of the expanded mind and heart one needs to "read" them.

busy and barren part deux.

 I was told the other day that here is a place in the middle of the chest cavity that we feel that "nudge." it's the place where we put our hands when we motion to our heart, but it's more center than where the corporeal is. That place is actually an empty space. It's that way for a reason. Much like the importance of meditation, contemplation, detatchement, we need a place to fill. Too often humanity has lifted their celestial shopping list to the skies or treid to appease the genie god to wish fulfill all their wiledest fantasies, even when they try to cover them with a veneer of altruism.
nethqadash - preparing a place for the sacred.
teytey malkutah - Realm Come
a simple text, two words in the Aramaic - the language of the middle east for many hundreds of years.

~ What I attempt here is a contemplative practice on the expanded meaning and feel of the words, ancient mystics did it, Sufi's, Hebrew Shaman's called it Tawil.. It's imagining the scope of the words and all their permutations and hues and translating them into current word forms.. more of an artistic process than a straight exogesis or word for word. This is better because Eastern language is not so polarized and easily compartmentalized as to meaning

Asking, questioning, Form your control of Unity now please
through our passionate hearts and receptive hands and feet
clearing spaces for your counsel and desire to manifest in our lives
attempting to align our intentions with yours, or at the very least to be open to your adaptation
Unite your I can into ours, as we release our rigidity into you*
we recognize your intimate penetration into our creatureness*
to have movement into your royalty oh divine parent*
our desires unripe are in need of your maturing hand, wind, heart
to express we have need to see your care and concern for well being
as we demonstrate coourage and compassion on ourselves we affirm
the conduit and vehicle we become in your atmosphere
keep on assisting in our gaze to see your environment
this is more of a focus for us, than reminder for you of course
we are not so much rescued as continually a part of the grand rescue attempt
succes then is immaterial to the degree that the river of life, love, being, torrents or gently cascades through mind, body, situation and event
the marriage chamber transcends in this way the sacred sheets of intercourse and becomes the holy fuck*

(oh boy am i gnostic now ~ save me Valentinus)

strength and beauty orgasm into our serene and comfortable ease of disposition
Unity is dispersed and gathered, breathed in and out

(are we reminded of Teresa of Avila)

*{note:  we have become too comfortable in our understanding and exogesis (method of interp) We must as the gspoel of thomas writer puts," be first disturbed," so we can work through and can be beckoned to wonder after.  in the aformentioned text there is felt a shock like we are talking in a way that our 21st century has not been allowed to soberly walk when looking within spirituality and sacred. But it is this gnostic way that makes us get past ourselves and our petty morality to expand, not in an induglent or reckless manner and intention, but rather to realize the interweavings we must open ouselves to.  Even if you haven't gotten past the first "lesson" of more gnostic texts that the gospel of John was meant to teach, that of the non-literal, and drinking in, you have to admit the essence of scripture and nobler pursuit is that which resounds in the higher senses.   That we have been psychologically penetrated and do so almost incestuously begins to understand beyond the normal boundries of decency and grasp a higher truth, not in the literal but in a much higher degree, as we may know and be known within the parent-child relationship. It is a tradgedy that so much parenting goes on in a feeble possession manner, and so must drift into a shallow shell as life goes on. Especially given that much as the marriage bond, the familial images or intents in mirroring a much more divine thing. )
 ~ Coming back to Empty

So the empty space, the dull, boring, seemingly inane scattered leaves of babblings, drama, words,reactions, confusions, and stresses is actually the garage and work bench for a much better thing. When we think of come here, especially in the Aramaic TeyTey, the images include a mutual desire, like come hither in one of those cheesy romances. It is the seductive element, the allure though, the questioning, that makes something else possible.  Skepticism much like reflection is not bad or unripe by themselves, just when they are allowed to fester without proper light, air, and water. Basically nutiritional elements.

TeyTey goes further, it is the allure but also the defining of a goal, the laying down of the process towards fulfillment.  We can see this in the mystery and magic of actual seduction. Some have made an art of it, and others revel in the magic, but it is much more than the erotic machine.

It has been said that the ancients used to be enamoured with the succession of ecstatic moments, the free flowing experience from one life orgasm to another.  Juxtapose this next to the suffering so many have to endure, physically, emotionally, psychologicially.  Where does the chasm begin, where is the precipice we have leapt from?

It's more than we have created a culture of entertainment and consumerism that veneers the reality beneath it, if there is anything there at all.  I would say that it also transcends our petty self revolvement and dedication to control we continually attempt to perpetuate in the name of security and success.  

Where the empty space meets the black hole of our disenfranchised and jaded starkness, is in that "too much," and "i've had enough" we too oft come to, but yet keep on going, get a local anesthtic or just collapse and then start over again.

This is the womb of our discontent we think, but actually is much more, for it is the launching pad of the divine, that's what i'm trying to say.

~ From Chasm to Erotic Machine

It's no joke we find ourselves in more than lean and surreal times at this place in history. Having departed and been outmoded not just within our own technology, but also in every choice of architecture, a heavy sigh is felt around not just the globe, but around the cosmos.

It's no mistake within our utopion ease mechanisms we feel a lack of substance, or at least something akin to the old nomads of the east, wandering in and out of caves. For some time now in my exits and entrances with the electronic landscape of the internet and social media there is a resonance with the underground catacombs of past civilizations.

The chasm may be in fact our crisis of perception, that what we see as slavery or opression, stress, or simply being screwed, is in fact something else altogether.

If you have ever dared to read the erotic tirades of the Marquis de Sade you may feel a simiiar sense of abandonment after your disgust. It's something beyond cathartic, like the end of something that wants you to go through to get beyond it.

This may seem to dismiss humanities evil as some actually have so passively, that they are swallowed up in the bigger victory in the end, or soemwhere down the road. If you are an Eastern I suppose you should venerate the past success more, much like well at one point we were at a garden called Eden, just in layers.

What does a judeo-christian creation myth have to do with chasm or even the erotic machine, besides they were naked, and what do you do with a snake in the bushes?

All myths suppose a lesson, and provide some sort of structure to how we apparently got to a place or condition. Besides the historical, environmentals, and physiological veracity there is an essence to the account.  It's funny how the creation myth has so many similiarities with other accounts, and even how different the Adam, Eve, and Snake story has been interpreted.

There was talk of a Fall, and now we are controlled by the tetering of another I guess. What if what we're lacking is not the abscence of a fall, impending or previous, but rather a Cycle or a Wheel.  

Early medicine actually spoke of the body and life more in this way, and there was a certain trust and ability to tackle obstacles better at least mentally and emotionally.  What if we combined these with our current terrain?

The Chasm is the disconnect that we are looking back even when we are looking forward, and looking forward even when we are looking back.  Is it any surprise really that we are so muddled.  Add to this that we feel we have to at least project an image that we know what we're doing and have a plan.
Here comes the erotic machine then to tear down constructs and have us reinvest in the creative fire of ourselves and others, which is an element and strand of the rays of the more divine, the spark and the source.

It becomes more of slight of hand trick and body language down to a practice of relating as we are and natural course.   Back to control, what are we in fact in control of? why do we think that? why should we? It's a matter of will power right?

The dominant mover and shaker wields his or her stick and makes it happen. The dynamic closer or speaker works the audience or client into a frenzy to "sign on the dotted line" for the investment or their next wonder. Is that us, with our toys, our accounts, children, employees, friends?

The Aramaic Tzevyanach can be translated will, like willpower or willfulness, but the word carries the meaning of what we call these days "second nature."  An animal knows what to do given a certain set of conditions or reactionary forces.  There are maternal instincts and athletic disciplines, yes things like the latter are more learnt, but the idea is more along the lines of apprentiship.  We seem to too often think things are a  matter of force, that's what we see with will.  What if though will is more part of a natural progression, and evolution given a certain course.  The course then becomes paramount, what is that place or path, and that is Realm.

The Realm of the Gods was also an idea that was much discussed and debated, forming Valhalla, even to our modern Olympics.  It was a utopian concept, something we say to our children when we want them to be their best.   But somewhere down the another road there was a turn off, where it was no longer about personal well being, ours and others, and living optimally, but something else.

Something else has always seemed to cower from the swamp to the base of our spine.  Where some may drug themselves into one andrenaline kick to the next, the kinetic energy must stop at some point, and so the ride is done, and what to do in that lull.  So others go onto creating drama or relying on the vicarious spectator experience, meet entertainment.  Little is really thought of any real idea of justice here, only what feels right and wrong.   A sensation based ethics of course is highly flawed and open to injection of whatever minds will concoct in the interum.

~ The Interum

Life of course is what happens within the linear construct of 0 to 90, not miles per hour, but the patterns, stability, and consistency felt and chronicled.  It's interesting to note the fascination with data mining in modern marketing strategy, like humanity is a collective akashic hard drive, and if we can only get the right code or sequencing we can figure it out by some calculation or formula.

We're not alone here either, it's been tried before, even if on a much more raw form and scale, and that may have been simpler.  Maybe we are trying to solve the riddle the Greeks and many other cultures like them postulated, or maybe even that was the wrong way about it.  In fact if you tracked the beauty and arrogancy of the humanistic movement you find many marvels and achievements that can't be denied. God, the gods, the universe or the divine has left so much within the pattern of nature to teach us and learn from, it seems though with it's own success we have also learnt to mimic it's unripeness.

It's this tendancy that I believe we must fight and requires something outside nature, other, to intercede.

What spirituality is daring to say is not that we can do it ourselves, for that could not really be defined such, unless you said human spirit, but even that is a pretty shallow description.  What spirituality contends is that it takes other. The beginnings may be in just other people, but to be truly transcendant it must look beyond the organic patterns and see the source code, the original spirit.

 It has not come to say that we are not gods, but merely that we are not the noblest ones. We are demi-gods, in control and having will and desire but having fundamental unripeness.  That is where we need to define and descripe Unity, not just as a force, but as a charachter set.

 It is that personality as we call it that we look for in humanity and nature, and yearn for even nobler things in our artistic vision.

It's interesting that in Hebrew the word Shem, is not name as much as it is sound, vibration, energy, atmosphere, this character set.  The word we translate as heaven is Shemaya, literally name extended. But what is this name, is it a label, a logo, or a brand.  WHat is our name, image, what are we about? Are we our job, our role as a parent, lover, friend. Can we define ourselves by the hats we wear?  Can heaven be described by our aspirations, dreams, or ethics?

The Second civil war just maybe one that is fought on the meditative field, where we contemplate and reflect within the empty space called heart to be filled or at least flowed through to beenefit ourselves and others to our contentment and pleasure. But what of that ecstatic succession?

Nethqadash TeyTey Malkutah Semaya

Prepare a place for the Sacred, Come Realm of Heaven