Friday, December 31, 2010

Electronic Catcombs?

"3 strands"  ~ watercoloour by me

Since Entering the Electronic Age, humanity has become closer knit and strangely more alienated. Whatever you believe about it I assure you though is largely irrelevant. Much like trains, cars, libraries, and sewage, this strange ethereal reality of electronica is our scaffold at this time in history.

Resistance may be futile, but due consideration is definately paramount. Meaning before the novelty wears off, or we realize this is not a demonic manifestation, it's importance as a tool must be seen.

Much like the plow-share, pipes, engines, and Dewey system, the computerized environment must be utilized.  We must make it our slave and not be a slave to it.

Just as the world became more mechanized just a few centuries ago, the machine is now electronic, so it's gears and cogs have evolved. The new machinery is not JUST the physical components though, they are largely "virtual" as well.  A better comparison might be the human brain, which after many years we still have much to learn about.

Given this environment we must allow for a certain learning curve and margin of error.

That being said, in our new global economy it seems that it is the countries, companies, groups, and individuals that have trimmed off the fat and can run with agility that will survive and make profits.

So the key is adaptability in the Technological Evolution.  This disposition not merely attitude and selective choosing, tends to favor youth and smallness, rather than the larger and older institutions. However, when these larger groups take the plunge and risk, they see results, and they are relieved or put back on top, faster and more sustainably than they were before.

One of the primary forms of this phase of growth in our economies is the change from teaching to training. A teacher passes on information, a trainer applies it.  So the next element is that of providing an interactive atmosphere for your goods and service. This is where those holding off to see where technology will go, are becoming Amish like at an alarming rate.

Now if they don't mind their dwindling profits or can afford the hit, fine. Most just simply can't, so they must start the process of education and doing their homework for coming into the new age and so meeting what has become the new requirements to doing effective business in it.

There are many examples of course of companies and individuals that have recieved a huge boon from just simply carving out their niche in this continuingly evolving landscape.  Many companies have seen how inexpensive internt advertising is on facebook or even just Meta tagging on a local community web site. This medium is where the "foot traffic" is these days, though traditional mediums do now have a certain novelty aspect and physicallity to them if they are chosen carefully and well done.

The largest group so far that has benefitted from the Electronic Age would have to be social causes, and that is where everybody should jump on board. Through Twitter, Facebook, and the host of other social media we are making strides for rights and assistance like no other time before.  The recent example of where a cable comedian was able to effect the vote for the 9/11 responders should effect a clarion call to any last doubters of how the world truly does business these days, and things really get done.

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