Friday, December 31, 2010

Just let it Go?

How does Obesity go through the roof while the economy goes down the tubes?

A "nice" mantra I've heard is just let it go. Or you could get so intense about it you have an aneurysm?

How do we have a balanced sense of urgency when it comes to what we know has to change?

Maybe you have a new years resolution to lose weight to make Ken and Barbie Happier that their ethos is still intact.  But where are the honest goals, you know the ones for moderation, being content, living on less, enjoying deeper things more, stopping and smelling the roses as it were?

Honestly, what defines us? Where can we cut corners to help us and those around us be people of more character, meaning, so they leave more of a legacy. 

If you really are bent on seeing ourselves in abject poverty and real times of sacrifice instead of just maybe we need to not be so spoilt and whiney and get leaner, then looking at what you have and get maybe a really good start.

First of all, seriously look at what you have. I mean How Much junk do you have?  Do you even use the stuff in the dining room?  Get rid of as much "ornamental" as you can, and this is the perfect time as you're taking down the holiday decorations.

Next keep or place things with more intention, meaning find a meaning for what you have and where you put it. I was amazed when I visited a sitcom set some years back at how much of the so average looking living room was so very much placed down to the detail. Since then i'll look at what's on the walls or floors in my favorit shows. Why don't we have that kind of attention to detail?  If you find yourself asking yourself what the hell are you doing, or that you find yourself in mindless routines, this could be trick.

I mean we may spend hours, days even, organizing our finances, fixing things around the house or office, and not spend one iota on a picture or painting, or placement of a memento.

As we lose the details of our lives in the crowds of information and drama, these touchstones can bring us back, even ground us.  It's stupid to think this is just idle and novel, or worse merely bored womens work.  Our culture as it leaves the empty shell like religious practices of it's past can enact and affirm a depth still, with itself, it's past and it's hopes. This is what rituals are about right?

The beginning of new cycles are about intention, and it's definately something that we can build on before we get to Spring Cleaning, that next shift we can climb on board to continue what we do now.

Maybe you can at the very least intend on being a fat lazy boring jerk... then if you achieve it, you've accomplished a goal, and if you don't, you just might be a bit better person or worser (but still closer to your goal)

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