Friday, December 31, 2010

Can We Sacred Evolve?

There are concepts with each unselfish spirituality that generally agree, that of a certain detatchment. It gives perspective and takes the sting out of the object or practice. The reality of your imagination flows in such a way that finding triggers is the proximity you more often need, rather than ritual or direct visualization. Here to relish, to focus, and doing those things that truly allow us to breathe into our creativity and natural evolving thought actions make the meaning.

The right thing then becomes part of a grander scheme, or lends itself to it. You see a truly divine plan must have more than the sum of it's qualities, it must sing. The trust we have in one thing, the security in a smile, a monetary amount, or the stability of a stationary object, whether it be a house or a toy, begins with the relation and awareness we let out of it.

Many writers inject attributes and character from other things to show us that detatchement we were thinking about, we can do the same, yes at possibly a cost.  We can then ask was it worth it, did we get enough out of that, were we relieved, comforted, consoled, excited, feel pressure and horror.

Are we not anchored in spirit when we know that we are known, understood, played with, and settled down with? The fun and pleasure of sacred things is not just what is derived in the sensory, emotional, or intellectual though, is it?

Is it really a matter of do we trust ourselves, others, these things, to hold us, or to hold on to? Doesn't it really come down to a place where we are completed or finished. There's something to instant gratification, as much as there is in the waiting around for the better thing, but where is that middle earth we've been looking for?

A lot of talk talk goes on about journeys and destinations, but the fray of planning the trip, and the tension of not looking out of the periphery makes this ghost story of our lives seem hardly worth it if it is just the machine or the action movie.

We exist in a state of resistance. Choices step up to our brain, we fall back, we grab on, we're cowards or captains of our fates supposedly. When we invest in stage props and accessories, either people or material matter, situations, or events, we find that we are working through more than using them.

Some might say we are grand escapists, fielding the illusory with usury, and it's not that complicated really. That lulls us with platitudes and  gives too easy answers. They apply little cloth stickers to our mental soutures in hopes we won't remember the schism that exists. Is it any wonder how we applaud denial in our cultures.

To get "help" we must believe that it is to be had. We've forgotten that balance that lies in the evolution of humanity, to not be overly self reliant or reliant on others. We do have a set or pattern of little steps to make though.

Like a person that gets out of bed, we must bring our arsonal and artillory for our games. If you like better, our gifts and costumes.

Weaving in and out of circumstance we create our fight and dance, instead of merely drowning in the sea of seemingness. To have deeper connections means risk, but also means float.

After our deaths it is said that junk will survive us, but what can we make of our legacy in this our times. So arranging our unripeness comes down to how we spare our continuation of certain ideas and spread the feel of space for better ones.

It could be said that negatively adversarial forces take root in a mind that is not at home with more optimal things. So it's paramount that the language of our souls are aligned with nobler and not merely raw and less subtle things.

To more fully realize the primary archetypal relations of our humanity, we can let dawn on our thoughts the better mother and father images that can be there, then son, daughter, and extending out to friends and neighbors, even enemies.

Observing nature we see the playing out of these principles as well, so that the laws of physics and physiology bleed and give more understanding and reason to our sacred evolution.

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