Friday, December 31, 2010

1: The Mirror ~ SignPost

In ancient days it's like they broke things down more to more reasonable parts. They had jobs, gods, and the old ways. But something got lost, their jobs became tyranical, as did their gods. The old ways become moldy and stale, and no longer retained life for the individual or extended out.

So we come to now. We have many forms of entertainment, many forms of pleasure, peace, and pursuit. Our modern struggle seems to be between the machine and the organism. Too oft the latter wins and so the humanity is lost in the drive for numbers and supposed efficiency.

We have been called disfunctional, and lost heart and soul. We have felt it, for maybe a very long time. Entrenched we seem unable to get the most from what pleasures we do see and try to enjoy as we go along more.

It's not enough to say we need to embrace our limitations and boundries.

We are at the place of Praxis, a turning or tipping point, or we will soon be. We know we must change our minds about some things, or maybe denial has really settled in.

I sense that there is only egotists and the exploited at times, and so many of us are just rockin back on forth on their ship.

This struggle for humity drives a inevitable singularity that is around the corner, or at least a further polarization. As art projects our hopes and fears, a terminator could be just around the corner. Humanity has reached some sort of apex, but at what cost, and some have wondered have we been here before?

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