Friday, December 31, 2010

Wonderful Spectacle vs. Disaster

You get a to a point where Natural Disasters become so common place, we start to actually not see them.

Now I don't mean we don't look at them, but there's a difference between looking and really seeing of course.

In fact if I may say, to see something you have to be able to reflect on it, and nowadays we don't simply have the time, or do we?

Why can we only seem to take soundbytes and give 60 second business presentations, and get together on video webinars?

Is this why the media bombards us with a cacophany of "news" mantras, and they get through more than serious thought?  Reason seems to get lost, and it becomes ever difficult to step back and not feel like you're just escaping.

It doesn't help that we in the West have a long history of polorizing knowledge, truth and feeling, way before we were accused of the 24/7 news cycle. Is it generaly true that we can't handle the truth and we are easier to blame than take ownership too?

As we careen off the precipice of our self made hysteria, and deal with it in ever increasing pressures do we wonder about the scaffold of ethics we personally let them be built on?

The WWW gives us so many of the answers, but what are the real questions? and isn't that really the problem. We're not asking the right ones.

Nature reflects a mirror upto the collective soul as more than one philosopher has stated over the eons. Excrement Happens is another one that has been bandied too.  Our part to play in the Mess and the Fix, can we really be bothered to take a serious look at, and break down into bite size pieces?

In the ancient East they said that you can't put things in compartments so easily. Quantum Physics has said very much the same thing about things ~ we have more of a tendancy to be here than there. Even Wave and Particle Theory have changed our perception of time and place, knowing that something is changed merely by our act of viewing.

So as we look upon the mistakes we've made, and the flaws of both ourselves and our societies, can we still say that it's not a matter of bad and good, but rather having the humilty to say ripe or unripe qualities abound where-ever you go, and we need to have courage and compassion to face them in ourselves and extend that.

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