Friday, December 31, 2010

Not So Much a New Sort of Thing, as Settling In

We all know the words by now, whether it's a Long Long Time ago, or Once Upon a Time. As the years fade into the backdrop we call life we keep making them, promises, resolutions, new beginnings.

Hopefully we can look back more than with sentiment. We conclude, we surmise, reflect.  Life is changing and staying the same, and that's a good and bad thing.

A question was posed recently about what if the little boy me asked the now me what had happened, what was I to be like. Would I say it's complicated?

I took this picture up in Northern Arizona a few years ago through a shop window, it represented something to me ~ that life is primative against the stars. We can go around like we own the whole place, expect others to revolve around us and our schedules and agendas, but there is a simplicity we are missing.

As I was looking through various pictures to capture the energies and archetypes tommorow and the next few weeks express this one stands alone, much as we may feel.  Maybe you have many who support and you are there for, maybe it's not as quite as deep as you like then, or hopefully it is.

Comfort comes in many forms, but the great thing about this time is it's not about that. For once it's really about becoming and confrontation, who we are, who we've been, and who we should be. This is the wonder of first steps, or second steps, or this phase we enter into.


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